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Kintori Yakitori Izakaya

Yakitori restaurant


Kintori Yakitori Izakaya


668 Bloor St W 2nd floor
Toronto Ontario M6G 1L2



Grilled meat & vegetable skewers, plus sake & cocktail, served in an elegant, compact space.

KINTORI YAKITORI, a cozy izakaya-style restaurant, opened in the spring 2014 and specializes in authentic yakitori. Bite-size pieces of the finest meats and vegetables are held together by bamboo skewers imported from Japan and cooked over a charcoal fire. Served hot and right off the grill, KINTORI YAKITORI offers guests a dining experience like no other.


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Client Reviews

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Alex K

Yakitori restaurant toronto

I was meaning to try this place for quite a long time, and finally got to try it. It's a very small cozy restaurant with approximately 6-8 tables only plus some bar seats. I've read some other reviews saying that the skewers took very long, however, my skewers came out super fast. The food selection is a bit limited, however I like that they have "half" orders, which allows you to try a variety of everything. Service was great too. I would definitely come back when I get the chance. We had 8 drinks amongst two, which is why it came to 82 per person.

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Veronica Tran

Bar toronto

Got skewers and some unagi sushi. The unagi is one the better ones in the city, big and juicy! The skewers were well done with plenty of flavour, (bit scallops btw) . But their takowasabi was great, gives you that wasabi nose hit! Highly recommend trying, but the only downside is how expensive it is! Loved their secret door to the washroom, the look on my face when he pointed to a wall

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Zach Kieu

Authentic Japanese restaurant toronto

Quite small in seating but very good food, takes a long time to come so i would definitely recommend to order a lot at the start. Drinks were fine, nothing special, the beef as well as pork belly was the highlight, the negi (scallion) was not worth it at all. But overall, very good experience! Definitely recommend!

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